Ohh, what to create today?

Hello, I know it’s been awhile since I’d blogged, but I have been doing things pertaining to arts and crafts. I made a few handmade birthday cards for my family and friends while I was away from my blog. I had gotten in the Dr. Ph Martin’s radiant concentrated watercolors some time ago and finally got them out to work with in some fun painting. I had a blast working with them.  Once I was satisfied with the watercolor part of the artwork, I put ran the painting through the scanner and began to play around with photoshop to complete the “masterpeice”. Haha.  Checkout the new drawing and I hope you enjoy them. Keep on creating and keep on smiling.


I'd lived in Mississippi most of my life. Over the years I'd always doodled on pieces of paper or a napkin here or there. only a few years ago, I became serious about my art skills and began to develop them through free and some paid on-line classes. Though I work full-time as a Physical Therapist Assistant, I was able to put in my practice time only a couple of hours in the evening and on the weekends. I enjoy sketching and paper crafting and have even tried my hand at art journaling. My media of choice is watercolor for its texture and the way it moves on the paper. I also like to dabble a bit in digital artwork. I look forward to sharing with anyone who will visit this web site. I hope to get constructive feedback.

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