Welcome to FearlessCreations website. This is a place where all artist, papercrafters, art journalist, photography enthusiast can dare to explore and share their work, tips, ideas, and inspire us all.

Whats New?

Keeping with last month’s theme of urban art. I decided to try a sketch of more realistic drawing with an urban touch and some added “drama”. I really like how this one turned out and I was quiet excited to share this painting with you. I used the Brea Reese watercolor ink and COPIC markers mixed media to complete this painting. The COPIC markers and  Brea Reese watercolor inks and were purchased at my local craft stores.

His Rose

The faces that I draw are taken from Adobe.com stockphoto, which is a monthly paid subscription. As I look for my subjects, I am in search for a certain pose or facial characteristics. I don’t sketch it out like the exact photo. I will tweak it and make it into my own.  Thanks for checking into FearlessCreations and please share it with your friends. I want to continue to inspire you and to encourage you to dive into your passions and find your happy place in life. I don’t care if its through art, singing, playing an instrument, writing a novel or some poetry. Just keep on creating. The world needs to feel your heart and your love. We need you. KEEP ON CREATING!

Keep on Creating

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