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Hi guys. It’s time to share with you another piece of artwork for the digital art world. I have really fallen in love with this type of media to express my way of creating happiness. It was a rainy weekend and a little bit cool. And by the way, I am sooooo happy to see fall finally show its face. Living here in the south the summers are just unbearable. So I welcomed with open arms, the cool kiss of fall upon my skin. The rainy weather kept me inside.  After the housecleaning and laundry, boring stuff, I decide to do a little sketching. I flipped through my iPhone photos where I’d saved some adobe stock and other stock photos and chose a picture. I sat down at my kitchen table  with a hot cup of herbal tea and began to sketch in my strathmore toned tan tablet.  After completing the sketch, it began to give me vibes of a tribal princess of some sort. I scanned it into my desktop and then drop it into photoshop for composition and refinement. I soon began to add texture paper, gold paper, and various filters, and brushes. After multiple layers, many many layers,  the mixed media inspired piece was completed. Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment of your time to check out “What’s New”. Keep on creating.

woman in the moon


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